Terms of Service

The below constitutes the entire agreement between Honest Finance (www.honestfinance.com) and you. The site, we, company, application, all refer to the Honest Finance (www.honestfinance.com). Make sure you read these terms before using our website to save yourself as well as us from any inconvenience. If you do not agree to our terms and policy, you are requested to leave our website. You can only use our website, if you fully agree to all the below-mentioned terms of use.

We reserve the right to update these terms and use, if need be, at any time without any prior notice. We are not liable to inform you of any changes to the services.

The Terms of Service for Honest Finance (www.honestfinance.com) are listed below.

Terms of Service:

To use our services, you must be of a legal age. Underage children are not allowed, in any case to use our services. You must comply with all the requirements and must follow all the rules and regulations to use our service. Failing to comply with the laws will force us to take the matter to the courts or any other law enforcement agency as per the severity of the breach.

For creating an account, we will ask about your personal information, non-personal information as well as financial information, if you wish to use our services. We expect you to provide accurate information. Without an account, you will not be allowed to use the services. The account created shall only be used by you. Keeping the authorization information confidential is strictly your responsibility and any loss or damage caused due to negligence shall not be our liability in any case. If you think that your information is being used illegally, inform our security team here at team@honestfinance.com as soon as possible.

For certain offers and services, we reserve the right to ask for specific information and you warrant that you will not object to our requirements. We need the information for processing your requests and failing will comply with our requirements shall lead to immediate cancellation of your requests.

Keep in mind that we use the services of third party providers, and we hold the right to disclose certain information to them to get their services. You agree to allow us to share certain details with our affiliates and service providers.

We provide links to third party websites and their services, like credit card signups, online brokerages and other affiliate links. Signing up or using third party services, referred by us will compensate us in monetary terms. Using these services is solely your own decision, and we are not responsible for any content or service provided by the third party. You are advised to read their terms and services before using their services.

You are not allowed to use our services for the violation of any regional or state laws. Use of malicious software, logic bombs, viruses etc. to breach our system are totally prohibited. Impersonating someone else, posting rebellious, obscene or religious material or using the intellectual property of Honest Finance are strictly not allowed.

We will not be liable to any damage caused to you due to any mishap or incident. You will solely be responsible for your loss. Violating our terms will lead to immediate termination of your account.

All these terms are in accordance with the relevant laws and you agree to resolve any disputes by arbitration.